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The following books are recommended for the PGDM programme and can be freely accessed from our digital libraries.



Managerial Economics 800

Ray, P., Sarkar, R and Sen, A.2018. Economics, Management and Sustainability. Singapore: Springer Nature.

Marketing Management 800

Rossi, P and Krey, N.2018. Marketing Transformation: Marketing in an Ever Changing World. Ist Ed. Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Business Research 800

Williamson, K and Johanson, G. 2018. Research Methods.2nd Ed. United Kingdom: Elsevier.                                                            

Innovation and Change Management 800

Lin, H.2018. Adoptive Management Innovation. 1st Ed. Singapore: Springer Nature.

IT Management 800

De-Haes, S and Van-Grembergen, Wim. 2015. Enterprise Governance of Information Technology. 2nd Ed. United Kingdom: Springer Nature.


Managerial Finance 800

Lind, M and Barner, K.2018. Finance Unleashed. 1st Ed. Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Human Resource Management 800

Andresen, M and Nowak, C.2018.Human Resource Management Practices. 1st Ed. United Kingdom: Springer Nature.


Operational Management 800

Chiarini, A.2015. Sustainable Operations Management.1st Ed. United Kingdom: Springer Nature.

Entrepreneurship 800

Cubico,S. et al.2018. Entrepreneurship and the Industry Life Cycle.1st Ed. Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Managing Public Service 800

Struminska-Kutra, M.2018. Democratizing Public Management.1st Ed. Switzerland: Springer Nature.